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Have a Game Idea?

Genius strikes in many ways.
Innovation is the keyto the prosperity of any tech company.  To keep our ideas fresh we invite anyone interested in seeing their great ideas become commercial products to consider collaboration with AJP.
We are mostly interested in small to mid-sized development projects along the following guidelines:
  • Products primarily for English-speaking audiences or non-language based.
  • Product contains no explicit adult content.
  • Product does not require advanced or experimental technologies.
If you're not sure if your proposal meets these guidelines, ask!  Never miss an opportunity to do something great.
To submit a submission request, use the button below to fill out our Submission Request Form, or just send us an email and give the following details:
  • Who you are
  • How we can contact you (phone is preferred)
  • Where you or your firm is located
When submitting a submission request DO NOT tell us about your game idea.  That will be discussed once we have protective agreements in place and have had our initial phone contact.  We are committed to protecting your ideas and must adhere to policy for everyone's best interest.

Submission Request

What To Expect
Once we have conducted our initial contact we can discuss your game idea.  From there we will create a production plan and refine the vision for the product until we have a clear development path and resource list.

Latest News

Check us out on LinkedIn and Google+

It's been a great year for Adam Jones Productions!  To kick off our rebrand we're extending into popular social spaces.  Check us out on LinkedIn and Google+.  be sure to Follow our posts to get the most from our upcoming articles and tutorials on web and mobile application development!

IndieGoGo Campaign for GTrain!

It's been a milestone month for AJP.  This month we finished a major undertaking, completing the prototype for what we hope will be the most innovative fitness application built.  GTrain, a joint venture by AJP and Gym Bodies Fitness, needs your help to push through the final leg of this journey!  Check out the page at IndieGoGo Campaign Page and if you can, contribute to this project and help us make the world a healthier place!

Game Release: Word Drop for Nook!

Leading with our best known title, Word Drop, we've released our first product for the Nook.  Same great gameplay, new features, and a sleek look for the Nook Color!  Check it out at Word Drop for Nook!



August 14, 2011:

AJP will be participating in the National Veteran Small Business Conference held in New Orleans, LA.  Convention dates are August 14th to 18th and will include numerous seminars and networking opportunities for business owners looking to become involved with government contracting.  We encourage all who are interested to make time to attend this outstanding event!